Privacy Policy

Purpose and background

We care about our customers integrity and our customers trust in us. This trust is based, among other things, on how we handle our customers personal data. The purpose is to increase the transparency of our processing of personal data and to increase the protection of personal integrity.

All processing of personal data used by Intelliplan takes place in accordance with applicable personal data legislation. Within the EU / EEA, the Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) applies from 25 May 2018.

Data controller

Data controller: Intelliplan AB
Organization number: 556582-6848
Address: Arenavägen 39 121 77 Johanneshov, Sweden
Contact via e-mail: och
Contact via phone: +46 8 600 90 20

The role of the data controller is to determine the purpose and methods when personal data is collected and processed and is responsible for ensuring that the processing takes place in accordance with current legislation. Intelliplan is responsible for personal data in the collection and processing of personal data for the purpose of conducting its business operations.

Intelliplan’s customers (and users of our services) also collect personal data in order to conduct their business. When this takes place under their auspices, our customers are Data Controllers and Intelliplan becomes a data processor.

What is a personal data?

A personal data is information that can be directly or indirectly linked to a physically living person. Examples of personal information are name, address, personal or other identification number, telephone number, e-mail address, picture, IP number, etc.

What personal data do we collect?

Our delivery consists mostly of IT-based services that are usually delivered to customers with whom we have a delivery agreement. The delivery agreement gives us access (and conditions) to the personal data we need to be able to deliver the services to which the delivery contract relates.

Sometimes we receive assignments, for example via our service desk, from customers who do not have a delivery agreement with us. In these cases, we gather the information we need to be able to solve the problem. When you contact us via our customer service (eg via e-mail, telephone or when you fill in your personal information in the contact form available on our website) we may save information about you that is needed to solve your matter.

To facilitate and optimize the performance of our services, we also collect certain personal data during the use of the service. It can be about, for example:

  • To allow the system to recognize returning users in order to customize the navigation, information and functions.
  • To facilitate the user’s use by, for example, remembering previous choices and letting them post favorites / shortcuts for programs and services.
  • To develop and improve the service by understanding how it is used.
  • To calculate and report transactions, number of users and traffic.

We always work according to the principle of collecting as little information as necessary. In order to keep your personal information up to date and correct, we may collect information from private and public registers. We also regularly review our personal data and sort out what is no longer relevant. Your personal data is not stored longer than is necessary to fulfill the purposes. Your personal information is sorted out or anonymised when it is no longer relevant for the purposes for which it was collected.

Identity check

In order to ensure that legislation is not abused, we have a responsibility to take all reasonable steps to ensure your identity in contacts regarding your personal data. Depending on what the contact refers to, we may therefore require that you can prove your identity in an appropriate way.

The legal basis for our handling

When you send us e-mails, the company’s policy is to minimize the dissemination of your personal data as far as possible.

Our policy is that our employees in their monthly routine must process and delete their e-mails from the inbox. The e-mails should either be deleted or moved from the inbox to another location, for example to a case folder, customer folder or to an application. There must always be a clear basis for why personal data is processed. When the e-mail is moved, it will also be deleted from the inbox so that no personal information remains there. This means that the personal data that we save has either recently arrived at us or is saved with a clear basis.

Our storage policy for all our processing of personal data is that no personal data should be stored unnecessarily. When a case is settled, the personal information must be deleted or anonymised and only the information that needs to be stored will be stored. This then takes place on some other basis, for example the Accounting Act. All other personal data must be deleted.

Our policy is also to send personal information by e-mail as little as possible. We strive to minimize the people who are copied (CC) in all our correspondence to minimize the spread of personal data by e-mail.

Our employees are trained on our e-mail policy. Training on our privacy policy is also included in the training that each new employee receives. We also continuously monitor that the policy is complied with.


Intelliplan intends to, in its capacity as personal data controller, process personal data provided to us in connection with registration on the website, email, seminar, social media, subscription to newsletters and similar bodies.

By registering personal information with us, you agree that Intelliplan uses the information to improve our services, products, services or the like, inform about the status of ongoing and upcoming events and conduct customer surveys. By registering with us, you also agree to receive information and marketing materials via e-mail, telephone, by post, or other equivalent means.

If you do not want to take part in offers and/or marketing, please contact us. We keep a personal data register of what information we collect, in what systems we do it and what legal basis on which the collection is based. It may also happen that your personal data is processed based on several different legal grounds.

You have the right to receive information from Intelliplan about the processing of the personal data that concerns you. You have the right to information about the legal basis on which a given personal data is collected. You also have the right to withdraw your consent, our treatment is based on that. (However, your personal data may continue to be processed based on some other legal basis, such as the Accounting Act.)

Disclosure of personal data

We use several different IT services and IT systems in our business. Some of these systems store information in local systems with us while other data is stored with one of our suppliers. In these cases, our supplier is our personal data assistant who processes the data on our behalf and exclusively in accordance with our instructions.

Storage period

Your personal data is not stored longer than is necessary to be able to fulfill the purposes of the processing. Your personal information is sort out or anonymised when it is no longer relevant for the purposes for which it was collected.

Further questions or escalation to supervisory authority

If you have questions regarding how one of our customers processes your personal data, we ask you to contact the customer’s business directly.

Of course, you can also contact us if the above feels unclear or if you have questions for us about our processing of your personal data (

You always have the right to escalate matters concerning our processing of your personal data to a supervisory authority which in our case is the Integritetsskyddsmyndigheten (formerly Datainspektionen). For contact information, see