Some of Intelliplan's features



With everything gathered in the same system, you have an overview of the entire deal and never have to think about who called whom, when you last met or when you last delivered something to the customer.

Customer accounts allow you and your colleagues to process a larger customer at the same time, where everyone in the team knows what the others are doing and you have full control over your planned tasks.



Whether you are on the go with your mobile or sitting in the office with your computer, the ATS tool gives you all the features you need to find the right candidate. Publish ads in job ad channels and evaluate candidates objectively according to their skills.

Read the candidate’s application, conduct interviews and gather references directly in the system without having to handle documents with sensitive personal data on the side.



At the heart of Intelliplan are the staffing functions that have been around and refined for over 20 years. Here, invoices and salaries are correct without you having to think about it while you plan, schedule and match consultants to optimize occupancy.

There are no tasks that are too simple or advanced for the system to handle. Do you have an assignment with 30 consultants who will have different salaries in the same place? No problem! You get help with that too and can focus on what is important – to take care of your consultants and clients.



Economy is a broad concept that permeates the entire staffing and recruitment business. The salesperson should have the right understanding of the value of their upcoming deals. The consultant manager should have a clear forecast for their assignment. The consultant should receive the correct salary, regardless of whether it is hourly pay, monthly pay, overtime pay, or shift allowance. The customer should receive the correct invoice. And everything should be traceable in reports across the board, exactly as you want to track your economy. You get all of this in Intelliplan.


Reports & Analysis

Customize your own reports with our smart report tool to get control of the company’s sales, recruitment, staffing and finances. You can, among other things, filter, dig deeper into details and perform analysis directly in the tool.


Time Reporting

With the smart time reporting tool, you only need to have access to a mobile to have full control over your consultants. Easily remind those who have forgotten to approve their time sheets and see immediately who has reported deviations. You save a lot of time and also ensure that salaries and invoices are correct.


Career Portal

Attract more candidates to your job ads by designing your own career portal with the same branding as your graphic profile. With the tool, you can build and update your career pages completely on your own without the need for external help.


Consultant Portal

In the consulting portal, you can give your consultants access to everything they need to carry out their work. Here the consultant can read the personnel manual, update his personal data, see his schedule and of course make changes and approve his time report.


Customer Portal

With the customer portal, your customer no longer needs to contact you to check which consultants are booked, when they are scheduled and what workdays have not been manned yet.


Data storage & GDPR

All your data is stored securely in the cloud within the EU and is always protected by scheduled backups that run all year round, every week, day and hour.

The system also contains functions for you to be able to thin personal data in a secure way without violating the GDPR, the Accounting Act or other laws.

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