The recruiting platform Zerolime

In 2021, Intelliplan acquired the recruitment tool Zerolime – one of the most powerful and user-friendly systems on the market. Zerolime is a standalone system but can also be integrated with Intelliplan. With Zerolime, you can create customized recruitment processes and streamline recruitment efforts.

The system enables automation and digitization of large parts of the recruitment process, saving time for both recruiters and candidates.

Reconnect with candidates

With Zerolime, it is possible to achieve over 45% candidate reuse.

Video recruitment

With video recruitment, candidates can conduct an interview at a time and place that suits them best.

Presentation of candidates

Present candidates through smart presentation links where the recruiter can choose which information to display.

Candidate experience

In Zerolime's recruitment tool, you can control the candidate experience. You are not limited by pre-made templates or other restrictions on how the candidate is treated on your site.

Digital reference checking

With digital reference checking, recruiters no longer have to chase references over the phone and the references can answer the questions when it suits them best.


Zerobot helps you find the right candidate for the right assignment. This is a contributing factor to our customers being able to achieve over 45% candidate reuse.

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