Digital reference checking

  • Collect references quickly and smoothly
  • Sending a personal link for reference checks ensures GDPR compliance
  • Combine digital and manual reference checking via phone


What is digital reference checking?

With digital reference checking, the recruiter sends a link to the reference who can then answer selected questions at their convenience. You can design the questions yourself and choose how you want them to be answered, in free text or with a number of options. The form is of course customizable so that you can get the appearance you prefer.

Benefits of digital reference checking

The biggest advantage of digital reference checking is that the recruiter no longer has to chase references and spend time on phone interviews. The reference, in turn, can answer the questions at their own pace and convenience.

If there are multiple referees, you can get a summary of all the answers in the reference report, where you have selected the questions you want to compare. The answers are also saved in the system so that you can reuse them if any of the candidates are involved in another recruitment process later on.

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