Intelliplan is currently the market-leading business system for staffing and recruitment in the Nordics. On this page, you can read more about how we help our customers streamline their work.

There are many things I appreciate about Intelliplan, but what I appreciate most is the reporting tool. Being able to generate customized reports has been extremely important for us in our development work.

Ali Khalil, CEO

A great system where the entire flow is digital, from first contact with the customer, to recruiting and hiring, and finally staffing. Thanks to many great partners, Intelliplan can offer a customized complete solution. You get integrations with established companies in sales, search, contract signing, and reference checking. This provides a seamless user experience.

Jonas Åkered,
System Administrator


Intelliplan is a great system for managing many different collective agreements, which helps us with salary and invoice calculation. The consultant receives the correct salary and the customer receives the correct invoice. In Intelliplan's recruitment support, you have the opportunity to include screening questions in job postings. This makes it incredibly easy for us as we have a large influx of candidates. It allows us to quickly find people who match our customers' needs.

Jessica Lind,
Payroll Manager


Intelliplan helps us streamline our staffing, payroll, and invoicing processes, which facilitates our rapid expansion. With exemplary support, we have received solutions tailored to our needs. A cloud-based system that, in addition to great features, is easy on the eyes!

Sandra Uhde,


With Intelliplan, we get a system that supports several of our needs in one place. It becomes even more useful for us with offers to take advantage of standard integrated systems for necessary tasks, such as digital contracts and time stamping via a mobile app. I feel that we have good communication and receive excellent service from our delivery team.

Martha Claesson,


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