Create great candidate experiences with Zerolime

Providing a great candidate experience is incredibly important, both for attracting the best talent and for giving the company a good reputation in the long term. As much as 41% of candidates state that they will not recommend or purchase products or services from a company that gave them a poor candidate experience. With Zerolime, you can create tailored communication and ensure that all candidates receive quick feedback.

Customized communication

What constitutes a good candidate experience may vary depending on several factors. The type of assignment and industry can affect how the communication should be. With Zerolime, you can customize the communication to your candidates based on your needs and thereby create a good experience.

The system has all the necessary features to create good communication with candidates. You can create custom templates for SMS and email and streamline your work. With automatic dispatches, you can provide quick feedback and if you have missed notifying a candidate in a step in the process, the system will remind you.

A career page according to your graphic profile

Build a stylish career page easily and smoothly using one of our templates. The templates can be customized with your logo and colors according to your brand’s visual identity. This is also possible if you don’t want to use templates and instead build a completely customized page. A candidate should recognize the company from the job ad to the employment, and it’s important that the chain holds together throughout the entire process.

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