Candidate reuse

  • On average, Zerolime’s customers achieve 45% candidate reuse
  • High candidate reuse saves a lot of time for recruiters
  • This enables a better candidate experience and results in faster candidate placement

With our recruitment system Zerolime, our customers achieve an average of 45% candidate reuse. This saves a lot of time for recruiters, as almost half of the candidates have already gone through several steps in the recruitment process and therefore do not need to start over each time. This way, candidates can be placed much faster, and advertising costs are also reduced

Increased candidate experience

High candidate reuse also provides a fantastic service to the candidates. They are offered (and accept) a job they didn’t even have to apply for. Candidates also avoid going through the different parts of the recruitment process again. The data collected from previous recruitment can now also be used for upcoming assignments

How do you achieve high candidate reuse?

This question often comes up when we are in contact with new customers. What is it that makes Zerolime’s customers achieve such high reuse rates? To achieve this, you need a system that facilitates the work and makes it easy to move candidates forward in the next recruitment opportunity. If you have the right system support, you must also have the right working methods so that all recruiters help each other and do not hold on to their ”favorite candidates”. We are happy to help you review your work process so that you can succeed as much as possible with Zerolime as a tool.

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